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Jamie Shook Sparking Imaginations One Illustration at a Time

Jamie Shook, a local family photographer recently followed her heart to conceptual photography as she realized her growing desire for something more eclectic in nature.

Whether it's a book cover, movie poster, album art or other illustration you're after, you might not have to go outside of Fort Mill to find it. She has licensed imagery, fine art prints available for sale, and is also available for commission to bring your dream to life.

Her newly found passion expresses a unique look at humanity and life, oftentimes, revealing the struggle within and around us. Her zeal for story telling shines through her artwork as it depicts our humanity and the struggles people face in life and seeks to dig out stories that may otherwise never be exposed.

Her imagery is a unique mixture of dark and light as she believes shadows can not exist without light to cast them. With artwork that boasts symbolism and whimsical elements, Jamie Shook hopes to evoke a person’s imagination and curiosity. You can currently find some of her artwork around town at Loom and Olive's Mud Puddle.

Follow Jamie Shook on Instagram and Facebook, and check out to learn more.

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