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4 Businesses Recently Closed, Most Without a Goodbye

Why don't local businesses say goodbye? It's disappointing when you go to a restaurant or shop just to find a note indicating it's permanently closed. So in case you missed it, the below businesses have officially said farewell to Fort Mill.

1. Cajun Yard Dog

The original Cajun Yard Dog is located in The Arboretum Shopping Center in Charlotte, NC, and the Fort Mill location never quite built the same following. This restaurant actually did announce their farewell via a Facebook Post (thank you!):

"Thank you to all our customers and support these last couple years. We have enjoyed meeting and serving all of you very much! We will have to close our Fort Mill Location. We would love to see all of you at our main location in Charlotte (Arboretum). Any gift certificates may also be used at the Charlotte location! Thank you all once again! CHOMP!"

2. Southern Sugar Cafe

The beloved coffee and wine bar shut their doors and immediately went dark on social media. They filled a prominent space in Downtown Fort Mill in what used to be the old Centre Theater. It was a beautiful restaurant and they will certainly be missed.

3. The Dixie Pig Tega Cay

This happening spot in Tega Cay with a fun patio and delicious BBQ suddenly closed, however, they luckily have a location in Rock Hill you can visit. "Same food and smiling faces!" This message was left by one of the owners, Curtis Hines, in the comments of a post from their Rock Hill Facebook page:

"We are sorry to say, but we have closed Tega Cay permanently! We were close but just couldn’t quite get to the numbers we needed! We are honored to have been there and our patrons were so supportive and kind! We hope that they will cross the bridge and come see Paul and I in Rock Hill! Same food and smiling faces!"

4. The Children's Cottage

The only children's clothing store in Fort Mill has disappeared! After walking up and down Market St. in Baxter trying to find it, I Googled to find that it's permanently closed.

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