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Afternoon Brunch Show "The Nativity Set" at NarroWay Theatre

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Enjoy an afternoon brunch and NarroWay original show, "The Nativity Set"... Every year at Christmas, the old, life-size nativity set is assembled outside in the front of the church. It's a tradition most would like to forego because it’s so heavy, always needs repaired and kinda smells funny. Fifty years ago, when Mrs. Howerton donated the nativity set, she had hoped it might, "Breathe new life” into the church and bring to focus the real meaning of Christmas. This year, IT WILL!!! You'll never look at the nativity set the same again after this amazing show!

There will be a Brunch Meal served with this show and it will include savory quiche squares with a side of oven roasted breakfast potatoes, a petite buttery croissant and a side of fresh fruit.

Two dates are available: Thursday, Dec. 8, from 10am-noon, or Tuesday, Dec.

20, from 10am-noon.

Purchase your seats online or call our box office at 803-802-2300


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