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Who is the family behind the Social Cork Wine Bar?

This is part of our Community series. Submit your story here.

Submitted by Melony Fiore--


The Social Cork Wine Bar was founded by Jay and Melony Speelman. Born out of the pursuit of leaving corporate life and building a dream of our own, we agreed to begin a small business venture.

We were born and raised in Brooklyn and Long Island, New York, and have lived in South Carolina for 15 years. Our precious daughter, Julianna is 17 years old, and works at TSCWB.


The Following Quote Encapsulates Our Answer To Why:

"Even though I know how to use a smart phone, I'd still rather go dancing than watch television, and I find nothing more satisfying than singing with my friends next to a fire. We are here so briefly that missing a single opportunity to connect with people seems a crime. That's why we drink wine- it softens the hardness of the day and loosens our tongues so that we may confide in a friend, share the day's event with a spouse, or sparkle with a lover over a romantic dinner. This is why we are alive - to be together." -- Celia Ramsay

We want to bring people together in a place where ALL are welcome. We have asked God to use us as a vessel to build strong community, fellowship, and lasting relationships. All that walk through TSCWB doors are friends. Ms. Ramsay's quote on wine will be framed and affixed to the wall at TSCWB to serve as a reminder to never miss a moment to connect with someone and enjoy one another's company.

887 Gold Hill Rd, Fort Mill, SC 29708

(803) 802-5916

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We totally LOVE Mel&Jay - and their Social Cork Wine Bar!!! We love it so much, we go every week! They have good wine, good food and unique events.💖💖💖

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