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Here in the Carolinas we have many factors that can contribute to moss and algae growth on your roof, including lots of shade trees and a wet climate. MOSS absorbs water, and large clumps of moss growing on your roof can damage shingles by raising the shingle edges and exposing the undersides to water. MOLD & ALGAE can leave ugly dark streaks on a roof’s surface and gutters. Mold & Algae stains can definitely be minimized with a soft washing of your roof. If your roof’s environment is conducive to moss or algae, your best solution may be regular treatments.

Another little bit of info for homeowners in the Carolina's... organic matter can absorb water, causing your shingles to remain in contact with moisture for lengthy periods. In addition, when rainwater runs down your roof, it can pick up debris, leaving it to settle in your gutters. Another service we provide at Green & Pristine Home Services is gutter cleaning and gutter brightening.

You should make it a regular routine to remove organic residue from your roof at least twice a year depending on your area's tree activity. You may be able to gently remove the debris with a broom or leaf blower depending on roof access. Do not use a tool that would rub the shingles’ surface because it could dislodge granules. Hence, why soft washing is more effective.

So, in closing... a properly installed asphalt shingle roof is a beautiful, reliable system that should last for years. You can help protect your investment with preventative maintenance... do this... before you notice small warning signs that its time is coming to an end. CALL TO SCHEDULE A FREE ESTIMATE (803)526-7858


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