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Meet the owners of Clean Juice Kingsley

Clean Juice Kingsley received a makeover late last year and soon after came new owners, Meredith and Chance Farr. The local couple had dreamed of owning a business and giving back to their community, so they didn't think twice when the opportunity presented itself to own Clean Juice in Kingsley.


The Farrs used to live in downtown Fort Mill, but after a traumatic family experience, a change of scenery was in order. They moved to Kingsley and thrived off the hustle and bustle. They especially enjoyed the accessibility to all things shopping and dining, including healthy organic options like Clean Juice at their fingertips.

Fast forward a few years, the Farrs moved to Rock Hill, with hopes to build and open a Clean Juice of their own. After months of research, which included visits to the Clean Juice in Kingsley, they were offered something too good to be true... the Clean Juice Kingsley location itself! It seemed like everything had come full circle and that it was meant to be.


Meredith and Chance have created a healthy and friendly atmosphere thanks to their caring staff and the supportive business community of Kingsley. They are also partnering with local businesses such as their neighbors Orange Theory Fitness and Little Leaf Plant Boutique of Baxter Village.


Clean Juice is more than juice. They also serve sandwiches, wraps, açai bowls, salads, toasts, smoothies, and power shots! It's all clean, fast, and USDA-certified organic. Stop in and check out their fall menu thats drops on August 29! It's a great opportunity to explore their menu and discover some new favorites!


Q: What are your top three favorites or go-to items at Clean Juice? I switch my favorites at least once a week. Right now I really love our Veggie Wrap with a Recovery One add juiced oranges. Chance on the other hand sticks to a Berry Bowl, Youthful One and/or Protein Toast almost every day!

Q: What do you love about being a part of the Fort Mill business community? What is there not to love about Fort Mill? Where else can you find a 2,100 acre greenway, shopping areas like Kingsley, and a beautiful downtown. Chance and I were instantly charmed by Fort Mill when we moved here in 2013. We have seen it grow over the past ten years and we are very excited to be apart of it.

Q: Why are you passionate about Clean Juice and healthy food options? Our mission statement is to be "healthy in body and strong in spirit.” Our body is our temple and if we nourish it with clean items it will make us stronger in spirit in many ways. “Being healthy" does not have to be a fad diet. It involves choosing to eat something you love, that will also benefit you. For example our Chocolate One Smoothie is one of our most populars smoothies because it tastes amazing. Cacao is the main ingredient which makes it have the rich chocolate taste, without the added processed sugars, all while having potential benefits like reducing inflammation, lowering blood pressure, and so much more. We truly believe that if you train your body to eat well, it will crave to be fed well. Q: What sets Clean Juice apart?

Clean Juice is the only fully USDA certified Organic Smoothie and Juice bar franchise in the country. If we are unable to source the ingredient organically you will find it on our “Transparency Board” next to the register. One of our core values is "transparency is key" which is why we have our board and why we make everything in-front of you. My Juiceristas laugh at me, but my favorite thing to see is a fully stocked juice bar. It’s something about seeing beets, carrots, oranges, etc. in their raw form, all together on one line. We also are a faith based restaurant. We have a prayer jar that sits in our juice bar at all times. Our core values are all bible verses that lead us to be better disciples in our community.

1329 Broadcloth Street Fort Mill SC 29715

(803) 547-0102

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