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Calling All Craft Burger Lovers

Rare, medium rare, well done - no matter your style, Blacow Burger does it right. Blacow is Fort Mill's newest gourmet burger joint that offers not only the obvious, but also decadent appetizers and sides like hand-cut garlic parmesan truffle fries, brussel sprouts, and poutine. If you're feeling fancy, add shredded pork and an egg to your poutine dish - now we're talking.

But let's talk burgers.

1. Why the name "Blacow?" Wagyu means Japanese black cow.

2. What's wagyu? It's a beef that is genetically predisposed to intense marbling, which helps it stay moist even when cooked at high temperatures. It's known for its quality and generally demands a high price.

3. What sets Blacow apart from nearby burger competitors? High quality beef, fresh buns baked daily (gluten and dairy free options available), and organic shakes made without preservatives or added flavors.

It doesn't get fresher than that! Ranging from wagyu, turkey, black bean, chicken and pork belly burgers, each is topped off with a gourmet flare that's not to be missed.

Visit them at 1646 Hwy 160 or call them at 803-547-1122 to place your order and pick up through their drive-thru! Check out their menu, say hi on Facebook, or leave them a review on Yelp.

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