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Dear Danielle: How Do I Pull Off a Graphic Tee?

Dear Danielle,

Graphic tees seem to be a growing trend. As a “30 something” professional, how do I pull this off while being age appropriate?


Nicole Price

Atlanta, GA

Hey Nicole,

The graphic tee trend has swept the nation and will not be going anywhere soon. It provides a fun and expressive addition to your wardrobe, that is both age appropriate and witty. From throwback sayings, historical quotes, and classic music lyrics; graphic tees serve as a simple way to bring variety to your daily style.

  • If you’re social, feel free to opt for graphic tees that are conversation starters. For example, some of the most popular graphic tees have been wine inspired. These generate attention and even an icebreaker for a first time meeting. Not to mention, they are perfect for brunch with the girls.

  • Industry specific graphics are really on trend. They present a “lighter” side of your profession. For an after hours work place event, they work great with a blazer, cardigan and dark denim jeans. In the summer, add white skinnies and wedges to finish the look. From fashion to education, a graphic tee is a perfect go-to for casual Fridays and weekends.

  • Graphics can be fashion companions for your fitness regimen! Not only are they comfortable while working out, but they also provide inspiration for those around you!

  • Pairing graphics with skirts and statement jewelry give any tee a dressy feel. Don’t be afraid to add your favorite graphic with a pleated maxi skirt and a chunky jewel tone necklace.

The only “fashion rule” that comes with graphic tees is to make the trend your own!

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Danielle Lennon is the owner of Leola & Simone Boutique in Fort Mill, SC. Working in retail management and styling for over a decade with giants such as bebe, Ann Taylor and Sephora, she has an established reputation for helping women create their personal style. She resides in Ft. Mill with her husband Andre and two children, Jasmine and AJ. She is lover of great wine and fun reads!

Facebook & Instagram: @leolasimoneboutiqe

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