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A New Approach to Medicine in Fort Mill

Do you ever feel rushed at doctor appointments? Or wish you could message your doctor at any time no matter how big or small the matter? Direct Primary Care (DPC) is a unique approach to medicine that values the patient-doctor relationship offered at New South Family Medicine now open in Kingsley Town Center.

For a monthly fee, New South Family Medicine provides patients (2 year old+) with longer, relaxed visits, significantly lower cost medications/labs, and a variety of ways to connect with your physician, Dr. Jessica Kaiser Mendelsohn.

What makes them stand out?

Longer, more personal visits: Appointments are 30-60 minutes, so you can address your concerns without feeling rushed.

Available via visit, text, phone, email, or Skype: Dr. Mendelsohn will return your message ASAP day of.

Access to in-house wholesale medications: Common medications will be stocked in-house, saving you a trip to the pharmacy. If not, medications may be ordered at wholesale prices.

Discounted labs: By teaming up with LabCorp, you will receive wholesale prices.

Kick off the new year with a new approach to medicine! Learn more at

New South Family Medicine

CALL: (803) 402-4410

VISIT: 1365 Broadcloth St., Suite 203, Fort Mill, SC 29715

SOCIAL: @newsouthfamilymed

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