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Experience the Difference at Osteopractic Physical Therapy

Choosing a physical therapist can be daunting, but Dr. Noah Zacharko of Osteopractic Physical Therapy (OPTC) has disrupted the healthcare scene in Fort Mill and it's worth noticing. He started his business six years ago as an independent provider with the focus of providing higher quality treatments, superior service and a premier patient experience that cannot be matched elsewhere.

By redefining the healthcare business model, OPTC is centered around the principles of providing thorough treatments that are personalized and individual to each patient and their injury. Dr. Z aims to spend 60+ minutes one-on-one with each patient to fully diagnose and address their specific needs.

With over 13 years specializing in orthopedics and sports rehab, Dr. Z brings a wealth of knowledge to the table. He utilizes a variety of manual and exercise-based therapies such as electro-dry needling, spinal manipulation, instrument assisted soft tissue release (IASTM), cupping, corrective exercise, strength training and much more. From neck pain & headaches to shoulder pain, back pain, knee pain, plantar fasciitis and everything in between, Dr. Z treats it all and is the one stop shop for all your pain and injuries.

OPTC stands out due to the time commitment to the patient, top-notch services provided, personalized treatment that takes both the injury and person into account, and Dr. Z's passion for what he does in the community.

They are so confident that you will "experience the difference" at OPTC that they offer a Money-Back Guarantee.

Check them out in the Magnolia Building of Baxter Village and learn more at, or follow along on Instagram and Facebook.

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