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Kingsley's New Mathnasium, Making Math Make Sense

Multiplication, division, subtraction, oh my! There's no need to be scared by math problems anymore. With the addition of Mathnasium in Kingsley Town Center, students are taught in a way where they find math to be fun instead of intimidating.

Mathnasium caters to students who struggle in math because they feel so far behind, but also to students that are bored in math because they're not being challenged. The program helps students understand why something is the way it is and how it configures, rather than going through the motions and getting by on memorization.

With a time-tested approach that includes assessments,

learning plans, personalized instruction, and guided practices, Mathnasium teaches math in a way that makes sense. As students' confidence builds, their excitement toward the subject grows. Excitement leads to passion, and passion leads to growth.

Open House, February 23

Learn more about the program and meet the owner and director at their Grand Opening and Open House on Saturday, Feb. 23, from 11am-2pm!

Check them out at or follow along on Instagram and Facebook.


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