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Finding inspiration through creative writing

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A note from the editor: A friend recently spent her morning doing some creative writing. I was so inspired by her words that I asked if they could be shared here. Thank you, Denise Cubbedge, for the reminder that we will get through this!

Twas the Coronavirus, and all through the land,

People were ringing and washing their hands.

The clorox wipes stacked all on the shelves,

Folks in their home wondering what to do with themselves.

The children online working on e-learning,

While parents stressed about how they’d be earning.

Nurses and doctors in face masks and gloves,

Working around the clock for their labor of love.

News networks filled with voices and chatter,

We begin to realize what really matters.

Bound to our homes like never before,

Some even afraid to open their door.

With each passing moment, the numbers rise.

The fear getting harder and harder to disguise.

And also before our eyes we see,

The spiral down of our economy.

It happened so fast, it happened so quick,

The stock market numbers just make me sick.

More rapid than eagles, these changes they came.

We know from now on things will not be the same.

Now wait! Hold on! Take a closer look.

This is not the end of our history book.

Because in the midst of this terrible scene,

The human spirit roars like a great machine.

While social distance keeps us six feet apart,

You can’t separate the bonds of our heart.

From this dark space hope and compassion bloom.

We see opportunity, not doom and gloom.

Then I laughed and perhaps even began to grin.

This Coronavirus is making America KIND again.

All things considered and that being said,

No doubt we still have a tough road ahead.

So watch out COVID 19, we have you in sight!

United we stand, we are up for the fight!!

- Denise Cubbedge

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