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Community can conquer COVID-19

This is part of our Community series. Submit your story here.

One month into Governor McMaster's shutdown York County is definitely suffering from record job loss. People are struggling to make rent and feed their families and I can tell you the day the schools shut down I got phone calls from scared parents asking if the Community Cafe Food Truck would come to their neighborhood to help feed their children. They were scared. Low income folks couldn't find toilet paper on the shelves let alone chicken, and they were being let go. I see people in our food lines who never thought they would need our help and they need multiple days worth of food. The Community Cafe relies solely on donations and overnight we needed to feed triple the people we normally feed with the same money. We had no idea what to do next. This is what makes living here so amazing. Suddenly we were bombarded with donations. Everyone that could donate did donate.

I am so grateful to you all! The volunteering. The food. The love in our darkest hour as a community. Thank you all so very much. - 3,000 meals a week and counting. Much love and hugs- Mary and The Community Cafe Gang

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