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Get to know personal trainer Kay Baker of Love Life Fitness Studio

Love Life Fitness Studio

At 49 years old, personal trainer Kay Baker opened a gym in the basement of her Fort Mill home. Now at 53, she has left her corporate job to focus on her passion of changing women's lives through Love Life Fitness Studio.

As a personal trainer, Kay's goal is to encourage and empower women. Her welcoming environment is open for women of all fitness levels who are looking to move their bodies, get stronger, and develop a healthier lifestyle.

She is a true cheerleader and believes that every day we can strive to be better than the day before; to grow in some way whether it's emotionally, physically, spiritually, or mentally.

"It's never too late to move, to feel good; everyone can feel amazing if you just move."

Love Life Fitness Studio Classes

Kay has built a strong community of 40 women (and isn't stopping there!). She offers small group and personal training sessions focused on cardio and endurance. As a USA Boxing Certified Trainer, she also offers boxing sessions and self-defense classes. Classes are no larger than six people so she can focus on individual goals and safety as she guides you through the workout.

Kay is intentional about getting to know you, learning how to support you, and understanding what motivates you. She meets with prospective clients to make sure they will be a good fit. It's important to her that you understand that weight loss is part of the health journey; it's a byproduct of lifestyle changes stimulated by increased movement and improved nutrition.

"This is why I do what I do. I want everyone to live a happier, more satisfying life while being confident and comfortable in their own bodies."

More about Kay

Kay understands we're all in different walks of life. Growing up, Kay had always been active, playing tennis and running cross country. Shortly after her 23rd birthday, her father died of a suspected heart attack. It sent her spiraling, drinking heavily and eating uncontrollably. As a result, she weighed 250 pounds and didn't recognize herself.

Love Life Fitness Studio

Kay slowly picked herself up to begin competing in races, playing tennis, and cooking healthier meals with her family. Realizing her potential to impact others, she opened Love Life Fitness Studio in an effort to share her story and give back to other women.

Her gym is full of smiles and hardworking women who want to make a change, and there's no end in sight. Kay plans to continue building a fitness community of strong, like-minded women.

Love Life Fitness Studio

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  • Personal Training: $75 per session

  • Small Group Training: $75 per week

  • Boxing: $25 per session


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