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Help On Your Journey: We're Here for You!

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Do you feel overwhelmed, confused or "stuck"? Are you in a season of crisis or recently experienced something difficult and need to process? Are you struggling to make decisions, to understand why you react the way you do, or to know how to move forward? We can help!

At Calm Harbor Consulting, we specialize in integrative life coaching and consulting for individuals, teams, and organizations facing crisis and change. We provide a safe environment for people recovering from trauma, spiritual abuse, and unhealthy systems and relationships. We are skilled at guiding clients through crises, including grief and transition. We have visited more than 30 countries and worked with over 200 organizations worldwide to support people in crisis and educate teams and communities in trauma-sensitive care. Our clients are people like you who just need some help on their journey.

Part of the services we provide are workshops and seminars on topics like Trauma-Informed Systems, Crisis Care, Resilience, Moral Injury, Pathways to Care for Sexual Assault, Helping Children Through Crisis, Conflict Resolution, Team Crisis Management and more. We also offer individual and team debriefing after critical incidents as well as Employee Coaching packages for companies and organizations who want to provide an extra level of support to their employees.

To learn more visit or call us at 803-818-0622.

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