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NarroWay Auditions Monday August 28, at 6:00pm

This is part of our Community series. Submit your story here.

Auditions allow the directors the opportunity to see potential. Solos, speaking parts, dance assignments and ensemble positions are all determined by auditions.

While few people on stage will have a lead role or solo, all are vital. The highest level of commitment is expected from each cast member, regardless of position or age.

NarroWay Productions accepts cast members of all ages. Children age 12 and under, however, must have a responsible adult on stage as well. Those age 13-18 may participate without an adult on stage, provided a waiver is signed by a parent or legal guardian. Cast members at NarroWay perform on a volunteer basis.

We are looking to fill roles in our Fall and Winter 2023/2024 season. For information on specific audition requirements, email


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