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Indian Land MMA invites you in for a free two-week trial

Looking to kick-start your routine? Challenge yourself to something new? Or just be part of an inclusive, supportive community? Indian Land MMA is the perfect place for that and more.

Owners are husband and wife Ashley and Avery Richard, who are passionate about their family-friendly gym that focuses on kickboxing, mixed martial arts, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, self-defense, and judo! All ages (4+) and experience levels are welcome.

You’ll even see family members training together. This holds a special place in my heart, because growing up, my father and I earned our black belts together. We built a strong bond and to this day we still talk of memories and competitions.

Martial arts provides great opportunities for kids to learn self-defense, bully-prevention strategies, communications, de-escalation tactics, and situational awareness. While having a blast, they’ll also learn life skills such as respect, discipline, attention to detail, confidence, and perseverance.

Indian Land MMA offers various seminars, kids summer camps, parent nights out, and more!

If you’re interested, reach out to them at 803-984-0146 or and mention Fort Mill Now to receive a FREE 2-week trial. Memberships include unlimited training and no contracts!

Get to know Owners Avery and Ashley Richard

Q: What’s special about the Indian Land MMA community you’ve built?

A: It's a welcoming atmosphere where everyone is striving towards their goals and getting better. Everyone has their own reasons for being there and it's welcoming to everyone. We are all a family inside and outside of the gym!

Q: What do you love most about teaching and practicing martial arts?

A: Martial arts is amazing for not only your body but your mind. I love how it can apply to everyone regardless of age, skill or style and the lifelong friends you make from it.

Q: What is your favorite form of martial arts and why? How were you introduced to it?

A: I started about 15 years ago at an MMA gym and fell in love with it. I love MMA because it's fun to blend grappling with striking.

Q: If someone is new to martial arts, what do you suggest they try first?

A: I suggest trying out the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu or kickboxing!

Q: In less than 5 words, how would you describe your gym?

A: Life changing!

Indian Land MMA

9499 Old Bailes Rd #113, Indian Land, SC 29707

Social Media: @indianlandmma


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