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Herby Jerky taste test success

We haven't been able to go out like we used to and quarantine has encouraged us to branch out and get creative with our activities, like trying all that Herby Jerky has to offer!

Herby Jerky is a local jerky company owned by Keith Herby. You may recognize him from local festivals and Main St. Jams, but with events at a standstill, he has resorted to online sales.

Keith serves up a range of flavors (mild to savory and spicy) and offers a variety of "meat" from beef, pork, chicken and lamb, to eggplant jerky. They also have your furry friends covered with tri-meat dog treats.

We tasted every flavor (except for dog treats) and were impressed with the quality and multidimensional flavors.

Fort Mill Now favorites are:

  • Darth Pepper

  • More Cowbell

  • Prairie Bush

  • Mary 'HAD' a Little Lamb

  • Bloody Eggplant

This is the ultimate protein-packed snack. Check out and order your fill today.

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