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Weekly Chicken Run for the Fort Mill Care Center

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The Fort Mill 2nd Ward Congregation of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has been doing the weekly Chicken Run for Fort Mill Care Center for over 3 years!

Specifically each week the food pantry is in need of 40-50 bags of frozen chicken. This means someone on their volunteer staff has to spend over an hour each week driving to a local grocery store to purchase the frozen chicken, taking away precious volunteer time they could be serving their clients in need.

Tamara Ventimiglia of the Fort Mill 2nd Ward realized this was a need she could fill giving her time to pick up the chicken once a week. She quickly organized several other members of her church congregation to take turns through out the month. Each Friday one of the members drives to a local Aldi and picks up a large trunk-load of frozen chicken. (Tamara also coordinated with the local Aldi Managers to have the frozen chicken ready each week for the volunteer to collect).

Then they deliver the chicken to the Care Center where additional volunteers at the center help to prep the bags of chicken into boxes and store it in their local freezer for delivery to the center’s clients in the upcoming week.

This largely unrecognized service has been going on for 3+ years and while not all the same volunteers are still doing the Chicken Run each week, several of the original volunteers have been doing it for years!


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