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Learn more about Fort Mill Academy, a language immersion school opening Fall 2022

Updated: Jan 15, 2021

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There’s a new public charter school coming to town, and there are several Zoom parent information sessions you can join to learn more!

Fort Mill Academy will be Fort Mill’s first language immersion school catered to grades K-8. Students can expect empowered learning with a language immersion experience in their choice of Spanish or Mandarin. English and math will be taught in English, whereas social studies, science, and all related arts will be where students are immersed in the language and culture.

Fort Mill Academy will have all standard EOC's, IEP's, and testing that South Carolina schools have. With a slated opening for grades K-6 in Fall 2022, all students are encouraged to apply. They will be engaged in small classes and workshops with the goal of being completely bilingual and culturally educated by the time they enter high school and can easily jump into the college credit process.

There are several upcoming parent information sessions that you can join via Zoom!

RSVP here on their Facebook Events page.

Fort Mill Academy's Purpose:

“Fort Mill Academy is designed to empower students' learning through differentiated instruction and will enable all students to become multilingual. FMA is a K-8 charter school partnering with The Teachers College of Columbia to deliver a full workshop model educational program that offers individualized learning for all students through differentiation and small groups in every classroom. All students will experience a language immersion through an electives block that teaches language, culture, arts, and music appreciation through a foreign language of the parent's choice.”


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