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Meet Ginger Tate of Fort Mill Nutrition

Fort Mill Nutrition is Fort Mill's newest smoothie and loaded tea shop! Family owned and operated, make this your stop the next time you're looking for a boost of energy or a meal replacement shake.

Meet Owner Ginger Tate

With a lifelong interest in nutrition and physical health, Ginger's faith encouraged her to jump at the opportunity of entrepreneurship and turn her passion of health and people into a business. Aside from her own health journey, she is passionate about helping others stick to their health goals and hope Fort Mill Nutrition will help others do so.

Ginger loves connecting with the community through her business. Connecting with locals, helping customers feel good, and providing them with the healthy benefits of the smoothies and shakes bring her joy every day.

In addition to growing her new business, Ginger works a full-time job and is also in the South Carolina National Guard! In her spare time you can find her exploring the many nature trails York County has to offer.

About Herbalife products

The shakes and teas at Fort Mill Nutrition are made with Herbalife products, which Ginger has been using since 2008. She tried an array of other products in between but kept coming back to Herbalife; it's what works best for her and her family, including her dad and brother who are diabetics. With Herbalife's range of products, there is something for everyone!

Having been on the market for over 40 years, Herbalife has had its ups and downs, gaining critics along the way. Ginger said, "I don't believe every product is for everyone, and I believe people should always research to determine what product is best for them. I take the approach of being honest about the products I use; I welcome questions and allow customers to look at the nutritional information. People deserve to pick the products that are best for them from transparent information."

The meaning behind the mural

Ginger let her brother and local artist paint the mural inside her shop without knowing what the outcome was going to be! He promised her it would be a reflection of what he sees when he sees Ginger.

Ginger said, "I was a young single mother, whose future based on statistics looked grim. But I fought and emerged with success, respect, strength, and dignity. My brother actually believes I am a powerful queen with a lot of life and influence."

Ginger's background

Ginger was born and raised in Gaffney, SC, but work relocations in 2016 brought her to the Charlotte Metro area. Once exploring York County, it felt more personal to her with a homey, tight-knit community feel, so that's where she put her roots down.

She joined the military in 2001, solely for the educational benefit, but as time passed she realized her love for serving in the Army. Fast forward 21 years, Ginger is still serving! She served in Iraq in 2009, and as a commander in Afghanistan in 2013.

Ginger said, "Just like in my civilian life, in the military, I enjoy the connections I have with fellow Soldiers. I love environments where people are motivating one another to be their best."

Fort Mill Nutrition

3150 US-21 Suite 103, Fort Mill, SC 29715

Social Media: Instagram and Facebook

Now open on Sundays!

SUNDAY: 12:00PM - 4:30PM




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