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Dear Danielle: Work to Weekend Attire

Dear Danielle,

How can I spice up my work attire and make it appropriate for weekend events at the same time?


Tega Cay, SC

Great question Jessica! Transitional textiles (clothing that can be worn for several occasions) are taking the retail industry by storm. Women demand fashion pieces that are on trend and “hardworking”. There are several ways to spice up your work attire, while making it appropriate for after work events.

"I tell my clients to use the acronym LMJ: layer, makeup, and jewelry."

Layering - To spice up a work basic such as a white shirt, casual swing dress, or even a polo shirt adding a layering item makes it look “thoughtful” and chic. For example, layer a bright colored blazer over a very casual dress or add a light/sheer cardigan over a short sleeve blouse and dress pants. I also suggest dark/tapered jeans, which instantly dress up a casual shirt.

Makeup - I often suggest to my clients that by the age of 25 to have a great skin care regimen and wear light makeup for a professional atmosphere. Makeup is also perfect to spice up your work look and versatile enough for after work events! Try pulling back your hair in a loose braid or a top knot and soft lip tone for work. Pulling back your hair allows your makeup to be the spice to your outfit. After work, add a few layers to your lipstick for a more dramatic look. Take my word for it, fresh makeup and pulled back hair can make a simple outfit amazingly chic with little to no effort.

Jewelry/Accessories – Classic designer or statement pieces are great conversation starters and are now acceptable in the workplace. Opt for pieces that are season friendly; meaning muted pastels for the spring and chunky or richer pieces for the fall. If all else fails, a statement bag is the easiest way to go.

An oversized bag is not only fashionable but functional. Look for funky designs and colors to add pizazz. Add a meaningful piece of fashion such a silk scarf with a designer satchel for a timeless, elegant feel.

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Danielle Lennon is the owner of Leola & Simone Boutique in Fort Mill, SC. Working in retail management and styling for over a decade with giants such as bebe, Ann Taylor and Sephora, she has an established reputation for helping women create their personal style. She resides in Ft. Mill with her husband Andre and two children, Jasmine and AJ. She is lover of great wine and fun reads!

Facebook & Instagram: @leolasimoneboutiqe

Photo cred: Cosmopolitan Magazine, @karmoda and

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