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Wireless Medics: Taking the Stress out of Phone Repair

Looking for a place that offers affordable and reliable cell phone repair? Look no further than Wireless Medics, located at 2000 SC-160 in the shopping plaza between Southern Salads and Towne Tavern in Fort Mill!

Recently, my iPhone took a swim and I was unable to turn it back on to recover the photos that were stored on the device. Cameron and his staff at Wireless Medics were friendly, knowledgeable and had my photos accessible in no time. They also had a great selection of new, used and refurbished devices at great prices that gave me some fallback in case my phone ever fails for good.

Hopefully you will never be in need of an emergency repair or replacement device, but it gives me piece of mind knowing such an affordable and friendly option exists right here in Fort Mill. You can check out their inventory and services online at

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