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Achieve Your Health and Fitness Goals with Body by Brady Personal Training

Lack of time? No motivation? No results? We’ve all been there. Throw out the excuses and strive to be your best self with Body by Brady Personal Training (BBB). With personalization, special attention, and guidance, BBB may be the right fit for you.

Owner Matt Brady created his studio based on two main things that keep people from reaching their goals:

  1. Accountability. From goal setting sheets to your own accountability coach, BBB conducts monthly measurements and physical therapy tests to ensure you’re staying on track while increasing your strength and endurance.

  2. “You’re more than just a number.” BBB provides the necessary tools and resources needed to help you achieve your health and fitness goals – think coaching sessions and nutrition workshops – while trainers and other BBB participants provide the encouragement and motivation you’ve been looking for.

If you ask current attendees of BBB to describe their experience you will hear “Community,” “Family,” and “Nothing like it.” Whether you’ve never worked out a day in your life or you’re an ex-professional athlete, BBB has a workout for you given the modifications for varying fitness levels and injuries.

“At Body by Brady we make a difference in someone’s life not only physically but emotionally and mentally. So many of my clients reach a level of self-esteem and self-confidence they have never been at in years or possibly ever.” – Matt Brady, Owner of Body by Brady Personal Training

Listen to what others have to say about Body By Brady.

Listen to what others have to say about the trainer.

Challenges, workouts, and recipes plus ‘Ask the Expert’ live Facebook video sessions and Fort Mill's most supportive weight loss and fitness community are all FREE at Get Fit Fort Mill Facebook group.

Facebook: BodyByBradyPT

Instagram: BodyByBradyPT

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