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The Lazar Center now open in Fort Mill offering summer programs for grades K-12

Summer reading? SATs? Arithmetic anxiety? The Lazar Center in Tega Cay is here to help! Summer is a unique opportunity for kids to catch up, work ahead, and master new concepts before the next school year. Prepping for anything from kindergarten to the ACTs, The Lazar Center has the experience, knowledge, and tools to help students achieve their academic goals.

The Lazar Center offers five unique programs so that your child can attend individualized or small group sessions to improve their confidence as well as their study, organizational and test-taking skills.

Check out their summer programs for grades K-12:

Tutors at the Lazar Center will create an individualized schedule, curriculum and plan for your child where:

  • Objectives from the previous school year are applied and enriched to ensure retention.

  • Objectives for the upcoming school year are introduced and practiced.

  • Students will use a variety of resources such as technology, games, and manipulatives to discover unique learning strategies.

During this program focused on collaboration and enrichment activities, the Lazar Center teachers will:

  • Use their knowledge and experience with student MAP data and EL Micro-phases (K-2) to create meaningful and impactful lessons in reading, math and writing.

  • Analyze student MAP or STAR testing data to provide targeted lessons that will strengthen mastery of concepts and fill any gaps.

  • Facilitate hands-on enrichment activities designed to increase readiness and confidence for your child's return to school in the fall.

This program focuses on preparing students for a confident, successful transition of kindergarten. Over the summer, students will:

  • Improve their social, emotional, and academic skills needed to succeed in kindergarten.

  • Develop a love of learning in a classroom-like setting.

  • Discover and apply reading, writing and math skills.

  • Practice the routines and procedures of a typical school day in kindergarten.

This is a more personalized approach to prepare for your college exams. It includes:

  • An in depth diagnostic test to pinpoint strengths and weaknesses

  • Discussion and Evaluation to determine whether to focus on the SAT or ACT

  • Targeted Instruction

  • Customized Curriculum

  • Custom Homework Assignments based on your progress and lessons

  • A 1:2 Teacher to Student Ratio

This package is a collaborative and engaging way to prep for your exams. It includes:

  • 2 full length practice exams that are administered, graded, and analyzed

  • Weekly classes with a new content focus each week

  • 1-on-1 teacher evaluations and reports

  • Specialized test taking strategies

  • Analysis of previous test scores

  • Rebuilding of prior knowledge

This is a second location of The Lazar Center (established in Charlotte 15 years ago), brought to you by Christina and Joe Lazar, the owners of Code Ninjas in Fort Mill. It's more than just a tutoring center; the talented teachers help students build confidence and level up - making math meltdowns a thing of the past and school in general, a more approachable subject.

The Lazar Center

1157 Stonecrest Blvd. tega Cay, SC 29708

Book a tour today: 803-579-8430


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