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Meet Dr. Andrew Reynolds of Reynolds Orthodontics

We’re excited to introduce you to Dr. Andrew Reynolds of Reynolds Orthodontics located on Doby’s Bridge Road.


Dr. Reynolds is a South Carolinian through and through! A resident of Fort Mill, Dr. Reynolds grew up in Rock Hill (he attended Northwestern HS), earned his undergraduate degree at the University of South Carolina and went on to the Medical University of South Carolina where he earned his Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD), his Masters of Science in Dentistry and his Certificate in Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics (that’s a mouthful… pun intended!)

Dr. Reynolds returned home in 2015, working in an exceptional associateship before opening Reynolds Orthodontics (it’s the most beautiful and modern space we’ve ever seen!) in the fall of 2019.


If you see Dr. Reynolds around town, it’s likely you’ll see he and his wife Annie with kids in tow Avery (5), Ryder, (3) with a third child due in May.

On what he loves about living in Fort Mill: “Annie and I think this is an ideal community to raise our family as the school system is obviously great and the recent developments of downtown Fort Mill, Kingsley, and Indian Land give us awesome local options, with a quick ride to CLT for whatever else we may be into. I know many folks are wearisome of the explosion and resulting traffic, but having moved back from Charleston, it could be so much worse! Add in all the individuals who are here trying to make this a great place to live, you quickly realize what a special place this is to call home. We love being part of this community!”


For Dr. Reynolds, it can be summed up in one word: connection.

“Getting to know families is one of my favorite things about orthodontics. When you see parents and kids throughout the course of their orthodontic care, relationships and trust are built and it’s always fun to catch up where we left off when they return to the office.” And aside from these relationships, having a positive impact on someone’s personality is what puts a big smile on Dr. Reynolds’ face. “We just happen to straighten teeth, and it’s so awesome to see the trickle down from that and hear a parent tell me their child is smiling more, or talking to girls/boys more, or their personality is opening up because they feel more confident, it has turned into the reason I love my work.”


Like most things, great results begin with establishing trust and developing good rapport. There are some great orthodontists in the area and Dr. Reynolds recommends that you seek an orthodontist you can relate to, have a conversation with, and generally like as a person, because you’ll be seeing them for the next 6-24 months (even longer with multiple family members!). It is also important that you feel comfortable with and understand the plan of care. Unlike other medical and dental professions, there are dozens of paths to the end result in orthodontics. He prides himself on navigating these options to find the best plan to fit each individual!

There has been a lot in the news recently about direct-to-consumer/mail order orthodontics. “It’s a great business model, unfortunately I think it cuts too many critical corners in an otherwise complex medical procedure. I won’t speak too much on it for the sake of sounding self-serving; but I would say proceed with caution, it’s an important asset you are dealing with!”

“For my fellow adults out there, if you’re bothered by the appearance of your teeth, come have a conversation. Excellent results might not take as long, nor be as intrusive as you might think. I can’t remember an adult patient telling me they regretted having braces or Invisalign,” concludes Dr. Reynolds.


How he met his wife: I met my wife at the Blind Tiger, a Classic Charleston bar! Hit the back patio during the summer, you’ll feel the love in the air!

Favorite local spots: Towne Tavern is a staple; Whit’s is incredible; Spice is our favorite food; Hobo’s green space is awesome for the kids; and we love spending time at the Anne Springs Close Greenway.

Favorite things to do: Outside of spending time with his wife and children, Dr. Reynolds loves playing golf, watching football, and anything that has to do with a boat, beach or pool!

Random thing you love: Classic rap music (I guess classic is a relative term)

Read more about Dr. Reynolds and his new orthodontic practice!

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